Eneh John

“A good leader takes a little more his share of the blame, a little less than his share of the credit.”- Arnold Glasow

A Former commissioner, a lawyer and a former Peoples Democratic Party Treasurer in Akwa Ibom, Barrister Emmanuel Enoidem has been a leading light in the state.

Enoidem, a frontline politician, typically, has made friends and enemies in his political sojourn in the state. Born in July, 27, 1964, Enoidem came to political prominence, when he was elected the Executive Chairman of Etim Ekpo Local Government Area, from where he has rose to holding several political positions in state.
Haven served the former Governor of Akwa Ibom for eight years as Commissioner, and has briefly served the incumbent as a Commissioner, out of power, is not out of sight, as he carries out his activities with so many candors. A strong believer in the Akwa Ibom project, Enoidem has for a long time, advocated for a greater Akwa Ibom to all, irrespective of party lines.

Severally, he has displayed sportsmanship, even when political detractors have taken him to the cleaners. I have in the past observed his responses to issues, while calling for support for the present administration in the state.
If Governor Udom Emmanuel had two to three Enoidems’ in his administration, who takes as a responsibility to always defend the government’s policies, and explain it to the masses, always trying to woo opinion leaders to give the Governor time to perform, Udom’s administration would have been on another pedestal.

In Akwa Ibom, Barrister Emmanuel Enoiodem has displayed a show of statesmanship, putting Akwa Ibom state before self. In Glasow’s quote above, Enoidem has taken little of the credit due him, in his contributions to human development in the state. In Peter Drucker’s quote, “Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right thing.” This Akwa Ibom son has in the past and present, exhibited leadership qualities in his activities. Needless to say, that he has done things right, and has also done the right thing.

As the Peoples Democratic Party elective convention comes up, it is our belief that this Akwa Ibom son will take one of the national leadership positions in the party.

Enoidem has been tipped to emerge as the next legal Adviser of the PDP. As a true Akwa Ibom son, I wish that the PDP faithful will provide Enoidem an enabling platform to succeed in the party. There cannot be a better legal Adviser for the PDP at this point than him.

The party needs a revival, and die hard believers like him, who can woo people to the side of the party. It will afford Akwa Ibom to take a shot at the apex leadership of the once ‘biggest political party in Africa’.

There is a leadership vacuum in the PDP, which men like Enoidem can address. Undoubtedly, he is a great asset to any political party, anytime any day. I urge Akwa Ibom people, irrespective of political party divides, to see Enoidem’s proposed ascension to the office of PDP’s National Legal Adviser, as a roadmap to writing another political history in the state. While urging Enoidem that the position will offer him many opportunities, but let your love for Akwa Ibom remain eternal in your heart.

It is my wish that you will succeed when you get there, and rewrite Akwa Ibom name in the political map of Nigeria for the best.

Akwa ibom is for us all to love and cherish.


Eneh John is an Investigative Journalist and Editor, Trail Reporters News.

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