Eneh John

The self styled commissioner general in Akwa Ibom state, who parades himself as the untouchable commissioner, due to his perceived closeness with the Akwa Ibom state Governor, has railroad his insolence to the palace of the paramount ruler of ekid Nation.

The ekid people are loving and respectful people, and so, we abhor insults, and we revere our traditional rulers. It has been widely reported that, the Akwa Ibom state commissioner for works, Ephraim Inyang had alleged that the Paramount Ruler of ekid, Chief. E.C Abia, had requested for seven cows for a sacrifice to be performed, before the roundabout in Eket can be demolish to make way for development.

While I do not hold brief for the paramount Ruler, Chief Abia had denied emphatically, ever making such a request.
As also reported, the Paramount Ruler, had previously called Ephraim to come to his palace, but characteristically, of his egoism, he ignored the calls by the traditional Ruler, but was quick to run to the pages of newspaper to cast aspersion on the traditional stool of the ekid people.

Strong sources had also told me, from the palace, that Ephraim Inyang refused to come down from his high horse to apologize to the paramount Ruler, for bringing disrepute to the traditional stool, instead, had requested that the Chairman of Eket, and his Esit Eket counterpart should apologise on his behalf.

What insolence will be more than that to the ekid people? The people of Onna, recently lost their paramount ruler to the cold hands of death, but, never was it heard that the works commissioner had questioned the authority of the late monarch, not even the Governor, could have done so.

We condemn in its entirety, this insult, and enjoin the people of ekid to rise to the occasion, and see this as an affront on us.

Such insolence should be left in onna,or better still, be left at the Uyo Government house, where Ephraim plies his trade.

For there is a saying, that whom the gods wants to destroy, they first make mad.
Enough of the insult from Ephraim Inyang. May it be on record, that when fairness was demanded, people like us stood up to be counted. Let this cup never come to us again as a people. No matter the sins of Chief ECD Abia, authority is bestowed on him as our paramount Ruler, and so shall it remain. Ephraim should be cautious of his allegations and loud mouthedness. The commissioner should call himself to caution, for the youths of ekid are angry with such insolence.

Eneh John is an Investigative Journalist and Editor, Trail Reporters.

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