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Findings on the illicit activities of the branch manager of United Bank for Africa, (UBA), Broad Street, Lagos Island, have shown the grand conspiracy, how he collaborated with a customer, one Tony Ebubedike to forge documents, using the name of his former colleague at Standard Alliance, Louis Ibe and names of others, to take loan/buy shares from UBA Plc.

Trail Reporters gathered that, Tony Ebubedike who is not in hiding, allegedly obtained a loan with Louis name, where AMCON blacklisted him as a bad debtor, for this reason, refused every loan Lious have applied for.

We also gathered, that, his widowed sister eventually died, due to hi inability to obtain a loan for her urgent medical attention.

Further findings reveals that, AMCON Agent(Seedwyse Limited), have been terrorising him, with so much embarrassment, for a loan he knows nothing about.

For over one year, I have made every effort to get UBA Plc to genuinely investigate this matter, do what must be done, prosecute culprits and give me justice, all to no avail, while AMCON’s agency continues to chase to recover an amount I have no knowledge of. Louis said.

Investigations revealed that Tony Ebubedike was dealing with and writing to UBA Plc through the conspirator branch manager of UBA Plc as Louis Ibe.

UBA ‘s branch manager knew Tony Ebubedike was not Louis Ibe, because Tony Ebubedike has his genuine accounts with UBA Plc . Tony Ebubedike was only a very senior colleague of Louis at Standard Alliance Plc where he headed Corporate Communications and Customer Service many years ago. Tony Ebubedike has been writing UBA Plc as Louis Ibe, and UBA Plc knowing he is not Louis Ibe continued to hand over to him , letters written to Louis Ibe, dealing with him as such and they knew he has/had other accounts with them with his real names, pictures and true signatory.

In an exclusive documents obtained by Trail Reporters, Ebudike was explaining to his lawyer how he forged Louis signature as well as other victims.

In a statement obtained from Louis, he said, “I have never opened any Bank Account with UBA Plc since I was born, never applied for any loan directly or by proxy, and have never had any deal whatsoever in my life with UBA Plc, I have never been in partnership with Tony Ebubedike or any other person, and did not give any power of attorney to anybody to deal with UBA Plc on my behalf, yet my name is in their record and that of AMCON as a bad debtor and UBA Plc has refused to act, investigate the matter, prosecute culpable offenders and give me justice.”

Documents shows that, Tony Ebubedike, years ago was taken to EFCC by UBA, with a newspaper publication- BusinessDay of March, 2010, all mentioning Louis name everywhere without his knowledge. EFCC did not see anything criminal in the matter, and it ended and closed it until an application for a loan, and Credit Report flagged-up

Information obtained by Trail Reporters shows that, Louis Ibe found out, when he applied for a loan, and a Credit Report revealed his name as a bad debtor, all on the account of Tony Ebubedike and UBA PLC.

When Trail Reporters contacted the Head of Corporate Communications of UBA, Nasir Ramon, in a text message he sent to our medium, he said, the matter i before the police, and they are investigating it. He further said, Tony Ebubedike is Louis bosom friend, and queried where Tony would have gotten Louis identity.

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