Ab Udofia

Compassion is a virtue, given by nature to every human being at birth. But only those with true fear of the creator carry and allow compassion take its toll on their thinking, imagination, discussion, reasoning and even decisions,where it’s really needed and where it really matters.

The revelation on Mrs Udom’s involvements in the Itam market N50m revenue saga, can only be illustrated by a picture of a hunter that has a slaughtered Elephant on his head and still trying to bend down and pick up a snail by the roadside. This level of greed is not only shameful but an unrefined evil under the sun.

Do you know how much pains you cause those traders and their families every blessed day?

They sit under sun and rain to sell. Eat a diet that is very far from balanced, just to be able to pay their daily dues to the woman that is supposed to be the mother of the state.

Some even force their children to help them hawk their goods, just to be able to meet up, and escape your fury.

Have you ever taken an unofficial visit to that Itam market to see the condition in which those poor women pass through just to ensure that your breakfast, lunch and sumptuous dinner is served on your table?

No wonder the way and manner the revenue collectors behave. They carry out this evil called revenue collection with stiff impunity, tearing down umbrellas of defaulters. Some even go as far as using their legs to match and even pour the goods of innocent traders. Who would blame them? when they are covered and backed up by powers from above.

There’s a story in the Bible about a certain Queen by name Jezebel, could it be that Akwa Ibom people are having their own version of Jezebel now?

Stooping this low to an extent of sharing in a market’s revenue is way out of normal and rational reasoning. This can only be described as inhuman.

I am not saying that a local government collecting its revenue is wrong, but a governor’s wife directly being involved in sharing such revenue is what I condemn in its totality.

If N50m is what you make as a kickback from just a local government area, I can only imagine how much you have been making from the 31 local governments of the state in a month.

It will be humanly reasonable, socially viable, politically upright and spiritually righteous if you concentrate solely on the colossal N2b security votes and absolve yourself from this unnecessary embarrassment.

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