The famous Kaduna mafia has written to President Muhammadu Buhari urging him to take steps to firm up his government, Newsdiaryonline has learned reliably.

According to insiders, the letter by the mafia was delivered to Buhari last week.

Newsdiaryonline was unable to get a copy of the memo to Buhari but it was learnt that key demands of the mafia include the need for the president to shake up his cabinet and do away with some of the people around him.

They are also demanding a thorough overhaul including a suggestion that the president should sack his key aides who are known to have become a cog in the wheel of progress.

The mafia also asked the president to sack at least nine of his ministers in order to inject fresh hands into his government.

It was not immediately clear if the mafia listed the ministers they want sacked. But Newsdiaryonline learned that even Buhari seemed angry about the conduct of few of his ministers.

Insiders said the authors of the letter are people known to be very close to Buhari and they have merely given him their honest advice.

There have been some concerns in some quarters that the president has not acted on mafia’s suggestions.

It had been hoped that the president, upon his return from recent vacation, would take steps to rejig his government.

The president was said to have used his holiday to reflect on his government’s performance.

His challenge so far remains his health which requires further medical attention. Buhari told Nigerians upon his return recently that he will soon travel for further check ups.


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