Lawyers storm Supreme Court for Yahaya Bello, hit EFCC

By Umoudi Etukudo

The reported protest by some members of the Nigerian Bar Association raises concerns about the perceived interference of the EFCC in legal proceedings and the alleged disobedience of court orders.

However, criticism could be directed towards the perceived bias in the statement towards Yahaya Bello, portraying him as a victim without considering the allegations against him.

Additionally, the emphasis on President Bola Tinubu’s role in sustaining democracy might be seen as partisan, as it focuses on a specific political figure rather than the broader principles of justice and rule of law.

Furthermore, the language used in the statement, such as “enemies of our rule of law,” could be seen as inflammatory and lacking in nuance, potentially undermining the credibility of the protest.

Overall, while advocating for judicial independence and adherence to court orders is crucial, the protest’s framing and messaging could be subject to criticism for perceived biases and lack of impartiality.

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