Eneh John

Nelson Effiong, the Senator representing Eket senatorial district at the National Assembly, continues to waste our slot in the senate.

Since 2015, Nelson Effiong’s constituency offices even in Eket has been under lock and key.

With all the avalanche of promises he made, typical of a politician, it remains a pipeline dream.

Even members of the House of Representatives from other states have reported their progress work to their people. But Eket has been so unlucky, with the worst Representatives in history.

With the recent passing of the maritime bill at the Senate, which was sent to the house of Representatives for concurrence, one had expected Nelson Effiong to capitalize on the moment and right the wrongs his docility in the hallowed Chamber had brought the people of Eket.

Characteristically of a lazy Senator as he had exhibited in the past, he understood that the much talked about maritime bill will be a passing shadow, whereby, the rave of the moment will roll away.

Sometimes i laugh at the lies being peddled by Nelson that he has helped people get employment, when he has only employed people at his billionaires night club to rake in cash for him.

There is no record showing Nelson’s performance at the senate, even at 1%.

Nelson Effiong is what I call a failed project. My interactions with various persons in the district has proven that none is happy with him, not a single soul is happy with the ceremonial Senator.

Since his advent to the Senate, Nelson Effiong has not been active, reasons being that, he never worked to be there, but opportunity beckoned on him, through the former Governor, Godswill Akpabio, which made him find himself there. Else, we would have wondered why the old man decided to run for the office at the first place when he knew he will be dormant.

Those who worked to be at the Senate are today, justifying the mandate given to them. I have come to the realization that the masses never gave him any mandate, reasons why he acts the way he does, without recourse to them.

People like us will not fail to tell Nelson Effiong the truth, no matter whose ox is gored. While we appreciate the maritime bill, it is expedient that he do more for the people. And not be a ‘sidon look’ Senator.

When I see other National Assembly members empowering their constituents,running programs and participating actively at the hallowed chamber,I ask myself one question “Is Eket senatorial district cursed? “. It is needless to equate his performance with the other two senators from the state, because, like 7up, the difference is clear. In the court of public opinion, the masses knows the truth.

This is not about where he comes from, but a definition of self. Nelson Effiong should forever be grateful to his benefactor, Akpabio, who bulldozed every obstacle to send him to the National Assembly.

I heard the ceremonial Senator is having an interest to run for Governor come 2019, what a pity. Someone should remind Nelson that there will be no Godswill Akpabio to deliver him in Akwa Ibom.

Come 2019, we will elect our Representatives devoid of external influences.

We are ready for Nelson and his likes. we can’t continue to have a lazy Representative as a senator. 2019 shall be different!

Eket senatorial district must be great again!


Eneh John is an Investigative Journalist, Human Right Activist and Editor, Trail Reporters.

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