Auwal Mustapha

There have been allegations that some of our security personnel are aiding crimes, aiding criminals and protecting them. It is known that some robberies and kidnappings happen with the knowledge of some of those entrusted with our security. They do nothing when the crimes are reported to them. One of the arrested kidnappers along Kaduna-Abuja express once confessed buying ammunitions from the security. According to him, they knew he was an armed robber and a kidnapper, but yet sold bullets to him each at N1000.

The recent killing of three renowned and active members of the IGP IRT confirm the allegations that there are bad eggs among those with responsibility to defend and protect us. They have successfully performed covert operation and arrested a notorious kidnapper whose most recent ransom was N100 million, but were stopped and killed by soldiers. The video shows one of them Inspector Idile struggling for help when he was still alive while his team mates were dead. Covert operations are usually performed in mufti.

They have killed the police officers and freed the handcuffed kidnapper. Can you imagine! These are actually some of the things forcing us to loose hope on Nigeria and our safety. Let’s assume the police were kidnappers and the real arrested kidnapper was kidnapped, were they supposed to kill them? Were they not supposed to arrest and hand them over to the police? Were the soldiers not supposed to keep the handcuffed kidnapper with them? Why did they free him? The army released press statement saying they received distress call, from who? Hours after that, the police countered that statement with a lot of questions.

This is not a matter that call for any long investigation, the answers are obvious. They should just face the firing squad. They are too unprofessional and too disastrous to be part of our armed forces, or even to be alive. The IRT police officers they killed were the same people that rescued Magajin Garin Daura recently and even arrested Evans. They are used to covert operation and they are known, why would the soldiers pretend not recognising them or their type of operations?

This is the time for the President to act, relieve some high ranking military officers of their duty and order execution of those soldiers that killed the police. The army should be given 24 hours to produce Alhaji Hamisu, the millionaire kidnapper they freed.

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