The Okorocha’s N20 Billion Scam and Zigreat Intl.Company

Ambrose Nwaogwugwu

I read people got enraged when I first shared the exclusive report from the Cable on how Okorocha looted Imo people’s 20 Billion Naira on white elephant projects…so they seemed to have missed the mean fulcrum of the Hightech corruption that Okorocha perfected in Imo.

The high point of the GRAND theft was the fictive and non existent construction company called ZIGREAT International Company Limited which was used to cat Imo 20 BILLION NAIRA away.

All the 12 contracts worth 20 Billion Naira were awarded to this phantom Zigreat international company limited that only exists on Okorocha’s filthy stomach.

10 Facts you need to know:

1. Zigreat International Company Limited was registered at Corporate Affairs Commission THREE (3) months before it got it’s FIRST EVER contract from Okorocha.

2. Till this minute that Nwaogwugwu is typing this update, Zigreat International Company Limited Does not have a functional website so it does not exist.

3. The administration of Gov. Ikedi Ohakim In 2010 modelled the procurement act of the state after that of the federal government through IMHA which stipulated that before any biding for contracts, a company needs to present three years tax clearance, audited accounts, evidence of work experience as the main contractor executing or having executed a minimum of four (4) projects of similar complexity, evidence of possession of relevant machinery and equipment and scanned copies of certificates of technical/professional staff of the company.

SPECIAL NOTE: These were done in gross violation of the above as Zigreat International Company Limited came into being only 3 months before it got it’s first contract from Okorocha.

4. N3.7 billion was approved for University of Imo State University of Agriculture and Environment in Aboh/Ngokpala in 2017. As at today, the site is still abandoned project overtaken by thick forests.

5. 2.7 Billion Naira approved for the Construction of IMSU campus at Onuimo. As at today, it is an empty site with forests.

6. Reconstruction of sub-treasury building for conversion to government house clinic, N210 million.

7. Construction of ministry of Niger Delta office blocks, N611 million.

8. Construction of ministry of agriculture office blocks, N611 million.

9. Construction of ministry of tourism office blocks, N630 million.

10. Construction of ministry of sport office blocks, N690 million.

SPECIAL NOTE: All these aforementioned “projects” were 20Billion Naira of Imo State funds were awarded to Zigreat International Company Limited are either abandoned or project sites overtaken by forests.

Photo: The university “project” that gulped 2.7 Billion Naira of Imo State scarce funds and today, it remains a forest.

2.7 Billion Naira LOOTED through Zigreat International Company Limited which does not exist.

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